Guide to Having an Affair

Guide to Having an Affair

Having an affair is exciting, but it is not without challenges especially if you don’t want to get caught.  People have affairs for lots of reasons but we are not here to judge, your reasons are your own.  If you are looking to have an affair or in the middle of one then here is how you can keep it a secret, a guide to having an affair if you will.

Keeping Your Secret

Part of the appeal of having an affair is the secrecy, many people find it exciting.  Aside from the excitement getting caught can complicate your life beyond just hurt feelings or jealousy.  Here are some precautions you should take if you want to keep your affair a secret.

  • Don’t tell anyone. That may seem obvious but don’t tell your best friend, your bartender or anyone else and that goes for both of you.  The community that you live in is smaller than you think and all it takes is one person opening their mouth and your secret is blown.
  • Never meet in public. You never know who you will run into even if it not somewhere you would expect to see someone that you know.  Always meet in private where prying eyes can’t see you.
  • No public displays of affection ever. If you are having an affair with a colleague this especially holds true.  Nothing travels faster than office gossip so never act any differently at work.
  • Watch your money. Today with online banking your spouse can find out where you are by how you are using your debit and credit cards.  Avoid taking out big sums of money or charging hotel rooms to the family credit card.  Get a private bank account with no paper trail, send the bills to your office or a post office box just to be safe.
  • Account for your time. If you have a job with odd hours or lots of overtime then you have the perfect reason for not being home.  Always have an alibi so that you can account for your time.  It is even better if you have someone that can back you up.

Maintaining Your Affair

While you’re having an affair not only do you want to keep it secret but you need to be careful of the activities that you do with your other person.  If you just hook up once in a while for booty calls at their place then you may be okay but if you are going to do anything else then choose less popular activities.  Keep a change of clothes in your car there will come a time when you will need them.

You may want to shower your side piece with expensive gifts, but be cautious doing that.  If the other person is married then romantic gifts can be a big red flag to their spouse and you could end up getting caught.  Be very very cautious in your communications, that includes phone calls, emails and texts.  Evidence of infidelity is often found in text messages!

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